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Internet explorer #19 ·

The Guardian → What I learned about addiction from a Czech crystal meth cook, by Barbora Benešová.

Radio Prague International → “It’s a massive problem” – Doc spotlights meth in rural Czech communities, by Ian Willoughby.

Geo-fenced. Važená paní Benešová, jak se můžeme podívat na Váš film v Česku?

Derek Sivers → Write plain text files.

Aeon → Kafka the hypochondriac, by Will Rees.

RUSIAre Czechia and Slovakia the EU’s New Radical Centre?, by Benjamin Tallis.

Doppiozero → Zelensky, servitore del popolo?, di Adriano D’Aloia.

UnHerd → How Wet Leg conquered Britain, by Dorian Lynskey.

Alcuni aneddoti dal mio futuro → Wet Leg – S/T, di Roberto Briozzo.

Polaroid → I was in your wet dream, di Enzo Baruffaldi.

wrong side of write, by Mike Waterston.